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Addison's Disease Awareness

Kaylyn Jamison is a wife and mother and her family means the world to her. She has been hospitalized three times over the past two years unknowing why she's been feeling the way she has. She would get so weak and fatigued that she wouldn't even be able to get out of bed on her own. Along with rapid weight loss and other symptoms. The doctors from her first two visits only said she had depression and sent her to a therapist.

(Awaiting results at the hospital.)
The fatigue and other symptoms kept coming back and worse each time. She wanted answered so Kaylyn and her husband decided to go get another opinion from a different hospital. They determined that she has Addison's disease. They told her that if she had waited a few more days that she may of not been with us today.

(Kaylyn is on the left with her sister Karissa on the right at the hospital.)
By the grace of god she is able to be here with us, to live life to the fullest adjusting to this new normal. Kaylyn will be on steroids for the remainder of her life. Kaylyn and her family needs help to pay for medical expenses that have accrued over the years during her hospital stays, her medication that will be required for treatment and her future doctor appointments as well as other bills that have been accumulating due to lost work hours.
Please join us and spread awareness so others can recognize Addison's disease before it takes someone's life, like it almost did hers.

(Kaylyn and her husband Josh leaving the hospital.)
For more information on Addison's Disease Click the link below
100% of the proceeds from purchased items on this page will go directly to Kaylyn and her family. Thank you for taking the time to read her story and helping her through this tough time.

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